Fill Out our Online Waiver prior to All Program Participation

In consideration for the opportunity to utilize the facilities of Eastmoreland Sports Club and/or my

participation in any events, games or other sport or non-sport activities with Eastmoreland Sports Club, I for myself and my heirs, assigns, executors and/or agents acknowledge and agree as follows:


• I am aware and familiar with the ordinary and hazardous risk of sports activities including the possibility of serious and permanent bodily injury and understand that I am assuming those risks.

• I understand that Eastmoreland Sports Club is furnishing use of an indoor facility only and is not providing supervision, training, assistance or instruction.

• I understand that sports activities may require a certain level of fitness and skill to safely participate. I agree to only engage in activities in which I am physically fit to participate and will participate within my capabilities. I will play under control, within the rules of the game and to every extent possible avoid causing injury to myself or other persons using this facility.

• I understand that Eastmoreland Sports Club may prepare and issue rules and regulations regarding use of the facility and agree to comply with all such rules and regulations.

• I understand that any fees paid to Eastmoreland Sports Club do not include or require insurance for injuries to players, participants, coaches or managers.

• I agree that Eastmoreland Sports Club, its owners, officers, members, employees, agents or representatives (together “Eastmoreland Sports Club”) shall not be liable, jointly or severally, for any injuries to my person or property. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Eastmoreland Sports Club from and against any and all actions, claims, demands, liability, loss, damage and expense of any kind, including punitive, incidental or consequential damages or attorney fees arising from such claims.

• Eastmoreland Sports Club may from time to time prepare and utilize photograph, video or audio images of players acquired during use of the facilities for security, advertising or promotional purposes. I hereby grant Eastmoreland Sports Club a non-exclusive license to use my name, photograph, likeness, video footage or audio recording on or in association with Eastmoreland Sports Club security, promotional and advertising material.

• I am eighteen (18) years or older or am the parent or legal guardian of an individual under the age of eighteen (18) years.

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